Saturday, July 26

Strum, Rattle and Sing: The Music of Cool Ranch

Pirate101 is known for parodying a time period of famous world exploration, from Cortez to Clark and more.  Events in history are covered within the various world, ranging between the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci and the feuds between settlers and native peoples in the Americas.

There are, however, even subtler hints at the thoughts towards history influencing the game and its themes. Today, we're stopping in the land of cliffs that rise higher than can be fathomed, of caverns crawling with the toughest baddies...and three singing horses with guitars and sombreros. Yes, we're headed to Cool Ranch to take a look at something I've never taken for granted - the music!

Wednesday, July 23

Fishing in Pirate101: Likeness and Likelihood

Early in Pirate101, players venture out to Jonah Town, a fishing community of mainly pelican and wharf rat folk. Pelicans are seen on the docks going out with buckets of fish to trade with water moles or to sell. Obviously, sky-based fish have become a way of life. Not only do they feed the population and create income, but they are also integral to the storyline when our pirates are told to fetch dinners for quite a few of Skull Island's residents. In its own way, fishing is already present in Pirate101.

When Wizard101 gained a fishing feature now growing in popularity, many players immediately dove right in. The system is fun and new in the many water sources of Wizard101 where wizards cast lures like they cast spells. Today's question is looking at how fishing could possibly be implemented in Pirate101. Let's take a look!

Sunday, July 20

Ian Sharp: Déjà Vu

One of my favorite parts of Pirate101 is seeing things I've already seen in Wizard101 be reimagined. It's a bit like déjà vu, because the place is familiar but still confusing because of the change of atmosphere. It doesn't even have to apply to places...

Thursday, July 17

Blog of Note - Farming With Duncan

If you're like me (and a lot of other people), then you need information fast. I enjoy farming for gear in my spare time, but often don't know what to look for and where to go looking for it. Since Pirate101 is still being explored, a lot of data is required on this subject. Wizard101 has SO many items and just as many possibilities, too - What can you get?

Farming With Duncan is a blog that specializes in answering these questions. What treasures can you find in either game, or even Grub Guardian, a very popular free browser-based game by KI? Let's take a further look into this website in Travels' next Blog of Note!