Friday, April 18

An Introduction to Destiny and Destination

Throughout Pirate101, guiding powers of all sorts have nudged us along, whether they'd be Boochbeard and Gandry showing us how to use the Options panel or Those Who Lurk Beneath Beneath answering our lost memories with yet another question. Each world in the Spiral is made so unique by how it's governed, and the topic itself, being so pivotal in our pirates' storylines, has sparked enough curiosity to make the headlines of an all-new post series!

Sunday, April 13

Five Favorite To-Dos in the Pirate101 Test Realm


All week and through the weekend, the Pirate101 Test Realm has been online, putting resolve to the community of impatient pirates expecting an earlier launch. While some of the updates came as expected in light of several teasers let loose over the past few months, others came as surprises. Twitter's definitely been going mad with new information and discoveries, as are Central and the Messageboards. After a thorough look into what people are up to (as I haven't had the time to take a close enough look myself), here's what I'm finding the most popular to do while testing. 

Tuesday, April 1

A Matter of Coordination: Discovering the Secret to Drop Consistency

Give this a try: With one hand, rub your stomach in a circular motion. With your other hand, begin patting your head. It may take a little practice, but this is do-able. Are you able to do either motion out of time with the other? Change rubbing direction? What about switching motions on a whim or even changing hands? Even though this appears as just another coordination challenge, there is some justice to it. Let's look into the history of things and see what effect coordination really has on the game.

Wednesday, March 26

Xol Akmul - A Short Fan-Fiction Piece by D.S. Devereaux Regarding Test Realm

Xol Akmul

"Quiet," Heather snapped in her most convincing whisper. She held a fist towards Kai and Silver, inching out on the mud. She hurried back behind the safety of the rock-face. Her brows furrowed in confusion. "Someone's been here already. Question is..." she peered back around, "Where has that someone been?"