A Dead-Eyed Stowaway: What I Learned from Piratey Hitchhiking

My journey began in Skull Island, as did many others'. I paced the docks atop various mounts, trying them all out to pass the time while waiting for a ship to land. I had been Tweeting just half an hour before, deciding to give this experiment - Only the work of a true scalawag, I assured myself - a try.

My quest was simple. Get on a ship and try not to be forced into walking the plank in order to get as far into the Spiral as possible.

A Simple Rule of ShipHiking: Love the journey, not the destination.

I first hopped aboard a raft. In what I found to be an event of luck later on, the captain returned promptly and sailed me straight into Rapa Nui. From there, I waited for another ride out. I waited on several ships, switched realms, and jumped onto others with little success. One ship decided to Nautical Level for some time, and I helped whenever the ship was boarded, resulting in getting booted off soon after.

Another Rule of Hitchhiking ShipHiking: Even if you're being helpful, don't be seen.

Another Rule: Hide. Hide well and hide quickly. Stay hidden until you get off.

Rule 4: Get off as soon as possible. I learned Rule 4 from when I stayed on a ship while waiting for the captain to return. I watched ships all around me come and go. Within time, the ship that I was on was bottled and I became stuck on the Isle of Doom docks. Shortly after this, I teleported to the Skull Island docks once more, catching a ride on a Skull Island galleon. We started towards Tradewinds, but I got marooned by means of having sailed into a vortex.

I teleported back to Skull Island and ran up to the Isle of the Dogs in order to try a few of the ships there. I learned quite a bit of how to successfully get a quick ride.

Firstly, finding a ship that has just been unbottled (poof of black smoke) is the fastest way to get on, but it requires lots of luck as to where you're standing. You'll need to get on before the captain, as one can start sailing immediately.

 I got some mileage around the Isle, and even cleared battle tokens in order to keep my host ship afloat. I wasn't minded for a few battles until I got kicked off. However, I did manage to Nautical Level.

One Last Rule: Social media is cool, but your friends are obviously cooler.
P.S.: People are awesome.

I had left a notice on Twitter of my adventures, just in case anybody would want to talk. Nonetheless, life and its glorious happenings went on. My last ship before I headed off for some early-morning farming was that of a Shy Jesse. A friend of mine teleported on and began talking. I explained myself out loud, and was expecting to get booted any second from then. Instead, the captain "LOL"ed and let me stay on as we continued the journey.

Keep Traveling

Even if you're being helpful, don't be seen.
Hide. Hide well and hide quickly.
Stay hidden until you get off.
Get off as soon as possible. 
Social media is cool, but your friends are obviously cooler.
People are awesome. 
Ships in smoke are faster rides. 
Always consider the circumstances of crowns ships in port. 
If you are discovered, be prepared to explain yourself.
If you explain yourself, be prepared to walk the plank anyways.
If the captain needs help in a nautical battle, help. 
If you helped and got kicked off, then you helped. 
Love the journey more than the destination.