D&D: The Three-Foot-Tall Dragonborn

Edit: Hi everyone! Super big thanks to Friendly for linking to me. This website is pretty much discontinued and I now write over at my new website for the time being, with a special D&D project in the works... Thank you!

I'm growing to like Zulu's Board Game Cafe more the more I visit it. Today I ventured onto the patio for the first time. It was sunny out at the warmth of the day permeated the barrier made by the tent that connected to the door back inside. Fairy lights (though not plugged in) lined the interior of the tent and a space heater took up the space in the center of the area. On metal chairs over a grated table, I met for the first time with a group of people from two other robotics teams for some evening dice-rolling.

I've been involved with D&D for a long time, at least for as much history as I've got, since many people have played longer than I've been alive. For the past few years, I've DMed. Playing didn't really strike me. I was much more interested in already knowing how the world would play out and having that sense of security versus having to react to such unknown. Coincidentally, I made the switch from playing to DMing around the time I started to dabble in theatre arts. 

It's been two years now. I'm acting in productions, I'm learning to improvise, and I can build characters quickly. I was starting to wonder what playing was like again when I began teaching others how to build acting characters quickly, how to establish relationships, and how to stick to goals. I looked back at my PHB and decided that it was time for me to play again, or at least to give it a try. 

I showed up to my table with an idea and an order of fries (do recommend, they're delicious with honey mustard): A three-foot-tall dragonborn monk. After some laughter, I was encouraged to go on with it and joined a party with a furbolg, a bone-collecting dwarf, and a few others in a motley crew off to go dungeon-diving. At last, I was Sparky, and the world was her Uber. 

I'm excited to keep playing. I'm learning quite a bit about DMing from going back to play from such a long break. Seeing how I approach NPCs and challenges gives me much more insight as to how my players might see my characters and locations. 

I'll update you guys when there's more! 


  1. +1 like! How did Sparky's adventures play out since this posting?

    1. Sparky is now Level 6 and she's alive and kicking! So far, the party has been tasked with finding the Crimson King as the prophecy-delivered party destined to take him out. Party antics have included mine-cart rollercoaster rides, turning a recon mission into a band gig, and having tea with a dragon.

      I'll be posting more about Sparky soon on my new website (Can you believe it? After all these years, I'm finally discontinuing this one...) - www.sonjamarc.us

    2. HA! That's awesome. Thanks for the link.


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